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WordPress is a free Open Source Content Management System (CMS). More accurately, WordPress is a complete website management system. WordPress allows you to create web pages, modify and update your website without any knowledge of Internet technology or website design.

We love WordPress. We’ve been working with WordPress for years now and we think you’ll love it too. Just imagine having complete control over your website without the need of specialist knowledge and skills!

  • Create a stunning showcase your college
  • Provide your audience with an online prospectus and course catalogue
  • Blog about your student successes
  • Sell courses online and educational materials and merchandise online
  • Integrate seamlessly with your Moodle or Totara VLE

WordPress development and consultancy

WordPress is a completely free software package that you can download for absolutely nothing right here and install on your own college or company network.

However, if you would rather spend your time focusing on the development and delivery of great online educational content, we can take care of all the technical stuff for you. We provide complete website design and development services to help you build your perfect website, fully integrated with your online leaning management system.

We also provide fully managed web hosting and support services, so we can remove all the complexity and technical overhead of hosting, security and upgrades.

Wordpress Website Management System